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"any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Inventor & Writer


“Is it selling software? Is it blockchain, smart contracts or crypto? It´s autonomy. Innovation is about changing the way we look at things. Wills have been around for thousands of years and never really changed at its core. With eternitas we want to give autonomy back to the individual when it lacks the most: at the moment of death. Why leave your will in the hands of others if you can keep it in your own hands?”

Milosz Matuschek, CEO & Founder

What drives us at Eternitas?



Create an immortal coded will and execute it with the help of a decentralized network. Distribute your assets from the afterlife.


No single human party is involved in the distribution of your funds and may change or destroy your will. People get what you want them to get.


It´s quicker, easier and cheaper as no lawyer or notary is needed and the inventory of your assets is already done by yourself.

How it works

Virtual Testament online by use of templates

Testament – handwritten will or donation on paper (or whatever is legally needed)

Transformation of legal prose in smart contract or ricardian contract

Store of Hash of written will in the Blockchain or in a safe database

Execution of your will on a given life event

Works with

virtual assets such as cryptocurrencies, your digital estate (passwords, fotos, videos, text)

Coming soon

tokenized real assets (real estate, shares, precious metals, artworks, insurance claims)

Distribution of assets to the beneficiaries


Dr. Milosz Matuschek
CEO & Founder

Milosz believes, that building a start-up is like creating a piece of art: it must stand out by uniqueness and has to appeal to both, heart and mind. After a career in academia (law, behavioral economics), trading and publishing, he decided to work towards the replacement of legal gatekeeper instead of becoming one. He hates copycat and embraces the 0 to 1 mindset. Futurist & INTJ in the crypto rabbithole.

Falk-Alexander Birner

Falk-Alexander has acquired valuable expertise in politics, real estate and finance before becoming a “full node” in the german-speaking start-up world, constantly scanning, gathering and connecting information. At Eternitas he is responsible for the business development and has an eye on opportunities, cooperations, connections and – most important: humans. Drive, networking and bavarian “Gemütlichkeit” at its best.

Cornelius Schätz

Our architect and crypto Jedi. Cornelius hitchhiked to the end of the universe in his studies of theoretical physics and astrophysics at TU Munich and discovered that he´s a wieblebub. He teaches building blockchains after having built one on his own from scratch. His heart, soul and mind are programmed to bring things from 0 to 1. C++, Python, LaTex.

Damian Breu

Damian is an engine on full steam: as serial entrepreneur (last startup: Gin!), consultant, TedXSpeaker and activist for the deaf, he combines discipline and structure with bold ideas. He studied law & economics, has experience in mining and an in-depth technical understanding of DLT. The cryptowizard and wieblebub is responsible for the roadmap, the finances and for making the impossible possible.

Dr. Philip Cosmo Hanke
Legal Engineer

Uniting legal, economic and programming skills, Philip is a specialized generalist and a rare gem. He taught law and (behavioral) economics at University of Bern in Switzerland and smart contract coding to lawyers. He speaks German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Python, Javascript, SQL, Ruby, HTML, LaTex, Stata and some more...

Alexander Weinmann

Mathematician by education and developer at heart: with 20 + years of experience in software development and architectures for big companies like Axa, Credit Suisse, Commerzbank and SAP, swiss based Alexander puts our ideas to the test and identifies the flaws. He´s been to Java (and Javascript), finding PERLs makes him SWING and now he climbs the stairs of Scala...

Samuel Bunjatov

Samuel is our vessel to the bigger developers world. With his connections in Eastern Europe he identifies and supervises tasks, which can be outsourced in order to keep our structure lean, mobile and focused. The young expert in cloud systems studies and works at Siemens simultaneously. Java, Javascript, SQL, ServiceNow, Pentaho.

Leopold von Schlenk-Barnsdorf
Biz Dev

Leopold writes his doctoral thesis at Witten/Herdecke University about digitization in small and medium companies. He works for the biggest association of family enterprises in Germany and is passionate about innovation, transition processes and the reinvention of established business models through technology.

Iaonnis “Johnny” Floros

Coming from the motherland of hospitality, Greece, Ioannis will be welcoming our community on social media and telegram as he did for several blockchain projects already. With his backgrounds in rural engineering & management of computer systems (in his master thesis he used an ancient programming language), he is the one who knows how to make things grow in the virtual world.

Tomasz Lachmann

Tomasz is an intellectual traveller who arrived finally at planet blockchain. He´s interested in the societal and human aspects of DLT and works on many projects, which aim to build alternative ecosystems bottom-up. His own baby is called “offnation”. He fits well in here as he´s more into custom-built things than templates, as you can see.

Sophia Eckermann

Sophia is a well trained Graphic-Designer with a lot of passion for both, esthetic looks and structural finess. She is always on the hunt for socio-cultural and sustainable innovation.

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Author, Futurist and Thinker

Florian Glatz, President of Bundesblock (German Blockchain Association)

Researcher at Humboldt University and UCL London

Researcher &Entrepreneur, University Paris II and

Julian Leitloff

CEO & Founder Fractal Blockchain (KYC/AML for ICOs)

Werner Kräutlein


Géry Moulas

Co-Founder Leet-Design/e-bulle




July 2017


September 2017

2nd winner out of 24 Teams at Liberty Living Labs Hackathon Paris: Teambuilding


October 2017

Participation at Public Hearing ('consultation publique') in France

November 2017

Semifinalistat the Blockchain Competition in Insuretech,
(Zug, Switzerland)


January 2018

Proof of concept at Hacking Law Legal Tech Hackathon Berlin

January 2018

Proof of concept with a major european life insurance company


March 2018

First prototype at CL + B-Fest Hackathon in Paris

on github

April 2018

Cooperation talks with a major german fintech platform

May 2018

Cooperation talks with a major worldwide App Building Studio based on Ethereum


September 2018

Launch Landingpage

October 2018

Whitepaper and prototype


December 2018

1st-24th Private Pre-Sale and MVP

January-March 2019

Public sale (planned)


Summer 2019

Alpha version

March 2020

Beta version


Private Pre-Sale Countdown